Out with the Negative, In with the Positve

Its a fact, 10 people can tell you how wonderful you are, but let one person say something the least bit negative and that’s what we are going to dwell on.  Its human nature.  We repeat it in our mind.  We roll it around.  We hang on to it and don’t want to let it go.Its all in our attitude.  Life is never going to be perfect.  Bad things or negative people are going to cross our paths from time to time.  The key is to smile and keep on trudging along.  Don’t let their poor attitude affect our attitude.

I am basically an optimistic person.  In the month of December a couple of bad things happened to me concerning people that I thought were friends and some even family.  I swaddled up those negative feelings up and hung on to them.  I feed them, I nurtured them.  They affected me so much that those attitudes started to seep into other relationships.  In my head I tried to shake it off, but my heart wasn’t ready.  It wanted to hang onto the feelings of betrayal and deception.

But finally I was able to let all that go.  It felt good to set it free.  To be free of the chains of sadness and anger.  Maybe it just takes time.  But its not good to hand onto the negative when your life is full of so much goodness, happiness, and people that care.  Your life is better when you surround yourself with positive people.

If someone commits an offense against you, its human nature to want revenge.  But revenge serves no purpose.  Its best to just walk away and let it go.  Whether you believe in God’s justice or Karma, or whatever you belief might be, eventually a person’s bad deeds will catch up with them.  It doesn’t require any input from me to for this to be accomplished.  There is an old Chinese proverb that says “If you are bent on revenge, dig two graves.”

So as I walk into a brand new year, a new month, a new day, I will strive to be more positive and not dwell on the negative things, people, or events that cross my path.  I hope you will do the same and find that you are living a happier more abundant life.

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  1. Anna, another thing that I have learned is to spend some time realizing that prayer for that person is never a bad idea! It is true that people who are negative can quickly spread their disease. They infect everyone. We always laugh at my office about the "bad" stories that are always told about negative dental experiences. No one tells the good experiences. We as humans like the dirt! Just see how quickly the dirt spreads. Negativity can always seep in and one thing for sure is we just need to keep positive and not join in. One co worker has actually told me that she thinks I just overlook the things that go on in our office and that I have lost touch with reality. I refuse to enter in on bad talk about our boss, the atmosphere, and certain situations. Same girl has told me that I micro manage her? I would go crazy if I internalized it all. Unfortunately I have to let her know when patients have been unhappy with the services she provides. That is tough! I hope you stay strong and remain positive!

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