The ramblings of a scaredy cat!!

About a month ago I had a echo stress echo test. I was able to stay on the treadmill and get my heart rate up as high as my cardiologist felt necessary to perform the test accurately. But because I’m one out of maybe ten people who have a rib that is a little high and obstructs the view of part of my heart I was told I needed a Lexiscan. <sigh> That began the last leg of my journey with this particular cardiologist. Mainly because of the gross failures of his office staff.

But I did get my Lexiscan scheduled for today, September 28th, thanks to my primary care doctor. Since the atenelolo and Pradaxa that the cardiologist prescribed seem to be working on the A-fib, I won’t have to return to a cardiologist any time soon, unless they find something in the Lexiscan. What is a Lexiscan, Click here and it will tell you.

I’ve had a similar test before, several years ago. It seems like it took all day, but I think they had a problem with their machine. This new test just uses a different kind of “stuff”. I have no idea what it is. The girl at the testing center said it was easier on you than it use to be. When I had it done before, Doug went with me. My mom was going to go with me this time, but she is out of town. The testing center said I didn’t have to have anybody with me. Doug offered to go with me, but I said no. He asked me if I was coming home after the test and I said no, I was going to work once its done. Its scheduled for 9:00 AM and should only take about 3 hours.  I think he is a little apprehensive as well. But I really do prefer to go by myself.

When you have these kinds of test scheduled, you can’t help but be a little apprehensive. I did tell Doug that he should answer his phone if a strange number showed up on it this morning. It could be the testing center calling him about me.

Chances are nothing will happen during this test or afterwards, but like any other time they inject crazy stuff into you, you get a little scared. Even on the website there is a warning that says “Lexiscan can cause serious or fatal cardiac arrest, abnormal heart rhythms or heart attack.” I’m sure there will be some sort of release amongst the paperwork I have to fill out later.

They’re looking at how the blood flows through my heart and if there is any blockage. I don’t think I have blockage. I take Crestor, my cholesterol numbers are excellent. Last time I had a similar test the doctor wasn’t happy with the results and did a angiogram. That was scary, because I was told if there was blockage it was possible they would take me in for immediate surgery. Of course he said this because I had to know what the worse case scenario was. That’s the way I operate. I always think if I know the worst case scenario things don’t seem so bad. I have to admit the answer to that question wasn’t what I wanted to hear. But that ended well. After the angiogram Dr. Brooks told me my arteries looked great and my cholesterol medicine was working like it should. I don’t see any reason why it would be different this time.

But just in case…….never mind, I’m being a little goofy. I’ll let you know how it goes!! (I hope.)

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