A Random Few of Life’s Truths

The following things I know for a fact are true:

People will take advantage of you only if you let them.
Most people appreciate even the smallest things you do for them.

If I make eye contact with someone and smile, they will smile back.
Sometimes my smile may be the only smile a person sees all day.

Christians continue to sin.
Sinners continue to try.

No matter how old you get, sometimes all you want is to talk to your mother.
As we age, we slowly begin to see the mother child roles start to reverse.

Pictures are treasures and can sweep you away to another time and place.
You can never ever take too many pictures.

Birthdays come quicker every year.

Friendships can be made and you can grow close no matter the distance.
Every once in a while, a friend is going to hurt your feelings.

You can say or do something in a moment
that will bring heartache to you or someone else for a very long time.

No one else is responsible for my happiness
Happiness is found within myself.

That when you have given all you have to give
when called upon, you will give more.

True love isn’t always perfect,
but it is always true.

“Things” isn’t what I want my life to be graded on!

Our time is the most valuable asset we have.
Spend it freely with friends and family.

The happiest people I know, don’t really have the best of everything,
they just make the most of what they have.

The most difficult day is usually followed by the most restful evening.

Babies grow way too fast,
Toddlers leave for college before you know it.
Sometimes grown children need their space.

A good book can become a dear friend.

That counting to 10 really does work.
Its best to think before you speak,
especially if you’re upset.

Eating healthy is more important as I age,
I will never be thin and that’s okay.

When you lose a loved one, your heart never really heals.

We are stronger than we think we are
and can keep going when we think we’ve gone as far as we can.

The world is full of heros
they go quietly about their business unnoticed.

Sometimes you have to forgive yourself

Doug is my one true love and soul mate.
Love changes over time.
Its somehow different and better all at the same time.

Life is short
Always leave your loved ones with words of kindness and thoughfulness.

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