I’ll cut you some slack, if you’ll cut me some!

Have you ever noticed on Facebook or even emails that sometimes the postings are filled with grammatical or spelling errors. Sometimes it can make you appear to be uneducated or ignorant. But I think a lot of it is because people are posting from their phones or they are just in a hurry and don’t double check before clicking the post button. I’ve done it many many times. Sometimes I notice it as soon as I hit the post or send button. Other times I don’t notice it until much later. If its real bad, I’ll delete it and repost.

There are some things that really stick out to me. Dat instead of that, using are instead of our, your instead of you’re, transposed letters, no punctuation at all, and lots of other things. I’ve noticed that sometimes people will correct themselves on the comment line. I’ve done that too. (For some reason I hear Andy Rooney’s voice in my head right now.) But in the last few months, I’ve just ignored my mistakes and gone on about my business. What’s the big deal anyways. I mean after all we are all human.

But this morning I noticed on a group page someone (not my friend) calling someone out on a spelling in their post. “Not to be rude” they said. Well if you have to follow a comment with “not to be rude” or “I hope you don’t take it wrong” chances are you are being rude and sometimes silence is the best rule. We aren’t all perfect. I know that I’m a long ways from perfect. I would rather be grammatically incorrect. spell something wrong, or use a word in the wrong way than be considered a rude, snobbish, bitchy boor.

Let’s just cut each other some slack. Not everything requires an opinion. Just because you noticed it doesn’t mean its important. You weren’t elected the grammar czar. No one really cares that you noticed and if you need to follow your comment up with “not to be rude” maybe you ought to think twice about posting.

Categories grammar, rudeness, spelling

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