Welcome Monday!

Friday I woke up to find that there was no hot water. I assumed that the reset button needed to be pushed again. That has happened a couple of time over the last two years. Doug can take care of that when he gets home from work. So I left him a note and also called him later in the morning and told him. Even he said “Its probably just the reset button.”

Well this time it wasn’t the reset button. The bottom element had gone out in the water heater. We talked about just replacing the element, but decided to replace the whole thing since it was over 10 years old. We got up early Saturday morning and went to the Lowes in Decatur. Its about a 30 minute drive. For those of you who have never rode with Doug, it can be harrowing at times. I’m not sure if any of you remember the Goofy Road Rage cartoon, but I always think of that when I’m riding with Doug. Here’s the link if you’ve forgotten the cartoon: Goofy Road Rage Cartoon

We chose a water heater based on the connection. When we got the water heater home it of course was different from the one on display. So then we had to make a trip to Jacksboro to get extra fittings and stuff for the plumbing. The old water heater was wired in towards the bottom of the unit and the new water heater was wired in at the top of the unit. Doug didn’t think the wire was long enough to make it to the top of the unit, but he actually pulled on it and it gave about 3 more inches of wire. This was just enough to install it. We were both happy to have that done.

After finishing this project we turned to our computer problem. We’ve had it about 3 years and just starting having problems with it in the last week. We kept getting the blue screen of death. We considered reloading Vista. We couldn’t find the disk and weren’t even sure if that would help. So since neither of us really cared for Vista and being old, tired, and both gainfully employed we decided to just get up early Sunday and go buy a new one. Doug must be getting a little mellow as he ages, because for once he didn’t want to just buy the cheapest thing.

In addition to all of this I had purchased a printer the week before and it had arrived Thursday. It has a wifi connection that took me most of the day Sunday to figure it out. We’ve had the wifi signal in the house for over a year, but we’ve never used it. So of course I did every thing backwards to begin with, but I did eventually get it connected and it works great. Plus I thought that moving my Itunes library was just a matter of simply copying it to my external hard drive and then installing Itunes and letting it search for the library. It did that, but its just not exactly right. So I looked up how to move it and of course I didn’t do it right. Luckily I can still get it done the correct way, but I’ll save that for another day.

What a busy, busy weekend we had! I was so glad to see Monday morning arrive so that I could get back to work. At work at least I know what I’m doing.

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