Welcome Autumn!!!

Well, actually, its still very much Summer time. The first day of Fall doesn’t really arrive until September 23rd.  But today is Labor Day, the triple digit heat seems to have disappeared, and there is a wonderful North wind blowing. Its expected to be this nice all week long, with the evening lows dipping into the 50’s!  Yippeee!!!

I’m no meteorologist, but I think I can safely say that the days and weeks of highs above 100 are over. Now that’s not to say that we won’t see another triple digit day or two before its really over. But a day or two certainly beats weeks on end of hot hot days.

I can look out my window and see the devastation this Summer drought has wrought on my home and so many others. We’ve lost shrubbery and trees. The pastures are dry and barren. We are buying high priced hay just to maintain the couple of cows we have left. The tank (or pond) is just about dried up and all the fish have died.

There are still wild fires burning across the state. People are still losing property and lives to fires. The sad fact is there is no rain to speak of in our future. I hope we have a wet Fall and an even wetter Spring. But the truth is we aren’t guaranteed that next year will be any better. Sometimes droughts can last for years in extreme cases. All we can do is hope that rain is in our future.

But in the meantime, I will enjoy the crisp feel of Fall in the morning breeze. I will think about putting my electric blanket back on my bed. I will look forward to making that first pot of hot soup. I will enjoy the ability to open my windows and doors, letting the breeze rush through the house until I actually start to think about a sweater.

Its Labor Day! Football season has started. Before you know it, we will be decorating for Halloween. I would even bet that the stores have already put these items on display. Halloween is followed quickly by Thanksgiving. A day of family, friends, and a table stacked high with food and sometimes a cold icy wind howling outside. Immediately after Thanksgiving, we start decorating for Christmas. December in Texas can be just about anything. I can remember Christmas days spent in shorts and I can remember a Christmas a couple of years ago when we had a really nice snow on the ground.

Soon the long hot days of Summer will be pushed out of our minds, much like the many days we had last Winter with several days well below freezing. We well be pining for the hot days of Summer. But for now we will revel in the cool breezes of the mornings and evenings. We will look forward to putting on our Winter wear that has been tucked away in our closets for what seems like forever.

Enjoy this day my friends!! Once its gone, its gone forever.

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