The Dog Days of Summer

Anyone that lives in Texas, knows that we have had a very hot, above average Summer.  Anyone that lived through the Summer of 1980 probably remembers those days as they step our of their homes and into their baking cars to drive to work  The weathermen are running out of descriptive words to describe the heat. Extreme heat, scorcher, dog days, heatwave, hot spell, broiling, steamy, and my favorite, heard last week, extra crispy.

Yes its extreme.  But after all it is summer and we are right in the middle of it.  It doesn’t seem too long ago ice was sliding off the roof of the Cowboy’s stadium, the roads were icy, we couldn’t get out of the house and get to work. When we could, we were slipping and sliding our way to work and the grocery store. I think we should just be happy that we still have changes in the season to look forward to. I don’t think I want to live somewhere that doesn’t witness the changes from Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter.  Granted in some regions one season may last longer or be shorter than in other regions.  But changes we can and do look forward to.

So its hot here, probably will continue to be very hot for a few more weeks.  But its the time for shorts, tank tops, flip flops, sandals, ice cream, sno-cone stands, hammocks in the shade, swimming pools, a tall glass of ice tea or lemonade, fresh fruit, watermelon, berries, beautiful wonderful salads, cold beer, and grilling enough meat on Sunday to last through the week so you don’t have to turn on your oven.

When the season begins to change to Fall and we feel that first crisp of cooler weather, I think we will all be ready to pull out our sweaters and pack away the Summer wear.  Although in Texas we are fortunate to have very gradual changes.  Sure we may have an extreme heat for a stretch in the summer, but I imagine by February it will be a distant memory.

So the weather changes, the cool air begins to filter in and everyone is happy again.  Then its time for big Sunday dinners and cooking hot meals during the week.  Before we know it, its Labor Day, then Thanksgiving, and watch out its Christmas.  Only about 137 days until Christmas!!  We will pull out our Winter coats and probably wear them before we actually need them. We will hear snow and ice in the forecast and rush to the grocery store to stock up on essentials and non-essentials.  When the ice and snow comes we will welcome it at first, but if it last longer than we care for we will be complaining once again. We will look at our loved ones over a cup of hot chocolate and say “Remember how nice and warm it was this Summer? If only we could have a little bit of that now.

I guess that’s just part of being human.  But lets try not to complain too much. Time flies too quickly as it is. Just look at your little ones and be happy that you have the Summer to share.

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