When will some women learn?

This weekend there was a terrible tragedy at a roller rink. A father killed his wife, her two sisters, and a brother-in-law, wounded 4 other people before he shot himself in the head. This was all done at his son’s birthday party.  The news stated that there was a long history of domestic abuse. The wife had been granted a protective order at one point, but later requested that it be lifted.

I honestly don’t get this. Its really hard for me to understand how anyone continues to subject themselves, much less their own children to any kind of abuse. I’m sure her family begged her many times to divorce him and get on with her life. Now their children will have to continue their life without their parents.

Also last week in the news was the story of a woman who was killed by her estranged husband in front of her three children.  He pulled up next to her at a light and shot her in the head.  Since he didn’t have the decency to kill himself, he now sits in jail.  At least she was making an effort.

I don’t understand women who tolerate any kind of abuse. Verbal, physical, or whatever. I know sometimes they grow up in homes where abuse is tolerated and maybe they think this is normal.  But I also know that it happens to women who are brought up in a loving home as well. That would last about 5 seconds with me. I think I value myself a little more than that.

Another thing I really don’t get is women who bring strangers in and out of their homes with their children present. There was a little girl who disappeared last weekend for about two days. He went to the grocery store and her mother let her go with him and he didn’t come back.  He was a parolee. I’m not sure what his history was, but her mother hadn’t known him too long.

You can pick up any newspaper or read any news on the internet on any given day and find stories about women who are killed by their husbands/boyfriends or children that are harmed by boyfriends that they mother has allowed to move into her home and play the role of father.

It just seems if you don’t place any value on your own life, you would at least value and protect your children.

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