Swimming Holes of Yore

When I was a teenager and before I could drive, my sister and I would spend time during the summers with our cousin Jamie in Hico.  They had a nice creek running through their property and we always managed to get a swim in during the day.  I don’t know if it was spring fed, but it was always cold. Then we found another place to swim and skinny dip on the neighbors property. It was just a matter of walking across a couple of fields and crawling under a barbed wire fence. I don’t know if anyone lived there at the time, but we did that a couple of times. Once while driving around we found another place to swim. If I remember right it was on the Brazos. We went home, changed into swimsuits and went back to swim. We swam there until the people that owned the property heard the noise and ran us off.

Doug and I have been to a great swimming area on the Paluxy river in Glenrose. We spent a weekend at Turner Falls in Oklahoma. Both of these are really great spots.  The bad thing is everyone else is swimming there too.  The swimming holes of my youth were the best, because we were the only ones there.

About 20 years ago I tubed down the Guadalupe River a couple of times with a singles group from a church I attended. One year the river was so low we had to carry our tubes over some spots.  We would leave on a Friday, spend the night on church pews in a church and tube all day. I can’t remember if we came home Saturday night or spent another night on the pews. But it was a fun time.

There was always Burger’s Lake. We spent time there during high school and the company my dad worked for had a company picnic there one year. I wonder if its still there? That’s pretty close.

Maybe its this heat wave we’re in, but all morning I’ve been thinking about swimming holes I have been to, read about, heard advertisements for or seen news reports on. One of the best that I’ve seen on the news was done by Richard Ray on Fox 4. Lone Star Adventures – Top 10 Swimming Holes  

I’m older and wiser now.  I can afford to rent a comfortable cabin some where and spend several days. There are plenty of swimming holes in Texas.  Here’s a list from Richard Ray at Fox 4, List of Swimming Holes. It’s just a matter of packing a bag and and going. If this heat wave doesn’t break soon you can find us lounging at a swimming hole somewhere.

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  1. If you're wondering about the picture in this blog. Its in Wimberly, Texas. Another place on my list to visit. Google Blue Hole Wimberly Texas. You'll put it on your list too.

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