Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Email Etiquette – IMO

We all get cute or interesting emails.  We forward them to people we assume will appreciate the humor or the information in them. While I don’t forward a lot of emails, I do some.  I assume that most people have already received most emails that are being forwarded.  Some people on my contact list send only forwarded emails.  They have very little other contact with me.

Sometimes I receive an email that is so full of all of the previous senders information that I don’t even bother bother to scroll down to read the email. Its just too much trouble, and I’ve found that usually it isn’t worth it.  Usually when I forward an email I copy and paste the pertinent information rather than clicking the forward button.  I try to clean out the extra garbage that accumulates from forwarding emails from multiple points.

Another pet peeve is looking at my incoming email list and seeing forwards from people promoting their political viewpoints or values.  Just because I’m a white, mature female, and I live in the state of Texas does not mean I have the same viewpoints as you. Just because I’m related to you, just because you’ve known me since elementary school does not mean we are the same.  I do not appreciate those assumptions at all.  If you want to sit down and have a discussion over these differences, that’s fine.  But please don’t cram your beliefs down my throat.  I’m not interested in boycotting the post office because they are selling a Muslim stamp, or Home Depot because of their stance on gay marriage, I’m not interested in the AFA’s naughty or nice list.

But by far, in my opinion, the silliest emails that are forwarded are like the old “chain letters”. It requires action on your part to receive a “blessing”. Yes a blessing it says. Say this prayer and forward it to 10 people and God will give you a blessing tomorrow!  Sometimes it even says if you don’t something “bad” will happen.  I don’t get these from children, these come from grown people. It does make me wonder about their own self professed faith.

Please people, lets just stop it.

If you’ve got something interesting, cute, feel free to forward.  But chances are if it has more than one Fwd: in the subject line, looks politically motivated, has any kind of attachments, or says act quickly, I’m going to delete it.  But thanks for thinking of me.  I’ll take my chances on the blessing.

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