My Fuse is Short . . . . . Just Sayin. . . . .

Sometimes I go from being in a really good mood to a really bad mood, very very very quickly. Its gotten a lot better in the last six weeks.  Mainly because I asked for something and my doctor gave me something. It has helped me to stay on a more even keel.  I’m able to overlook little things that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  However, I still can get into a very dreadful mood, very quickly.

At home, I’m happy. When I’m with family or friends, I’m happy. At work, I’m mostly happy.  Therein, lies my problem.  There are two people I work with that drive me absolutely batty. The worse part of these two people are that they are a married couple.  I refer to them as the hobgoblins.  I know this isn’t nice of me and really wish I would stop.  But its call them hobgoblins or call them something worse.

The problems I have with these two people aren’t isolated to just me.  Other co-workers feel like I do or worse.  I don’t think I’ve ever been the type of person to make fun of someone. I honestly wasn’t raised that way.  But with these two it is that or just absolutely lose my mind.

Mrs. Hobgoblin was here first and we use to be friends.  We even met for lunch on her day off a couple of times.  But when someone calls you a “two-faced bitch” on Facebook I have to draw the line.  So she has been blocked and forgotten as far as social networking is concerned.  Despite these run ins, we have learned to work together.  We rarely talk about anything personal, but we don’t have a problem getting our work done if we have to interact with each other.  After all, you don’t have to love everyone you work with.  So if it was just her I think my life at work would be just fine.

But then her husband lost his job.  He wasn’t laid off, his company didn’t downsize.  He lost his jobs because of his own doings.  I know that because his wife and I were still friends when this happened and she and I were still sharing personal details.  He applied for unemployment but because of how he was dismissed he didn’t qualify for benefits.  So since she is such a good employee (and she is, she just isn’t a good friend) my boss tried to help her out by hiring her husband.  As Judge Judy says “No good deed goes unpunished.”  Its taken awhile, but I think they are realizing this.

His job isn’t difficult.  It doesn’t really require great thought and comtemplation.  What he does is mainly shipping, receiving, some janitorial work, and what ever else they want him to do.  After almost three years of being here he still cannot complete his job without close supervision.  Why?? you might ask.  Because he knows everything and apparently we’ve been doing it all wrong here.  This goes from cleaning the toilets, mopping the floors, emptying the trash, and yes shipping and receiving.

I have overheard conversations he has with other coworkers where he says “Out in the real world” or “In a normal company”.  I would really like to ask him “Don’t you get a real paycheck?”.  He has argued with management in a passive way when they told him he wasn’t mopping the floor correctly.  His response “I mopped floors at a hospital, I was a janitor.”  Any time I happen to overhear a conversation between him and management I just want to scream.  I don’t know why they continue to tolerate his ignorant questions.  Like “What is your ideal of a good working situation.”  I just feel like they are handling him with kid gloves and they need to stop.  He needs to be dealt with firmly and swiftly.  He needs to realize that when you are being reprimanded, and I don’t think he even realizes that is what they are doing when they bring mistakes to his attention, it isn’t really a two way conversation.  Your told what you did wrong, maybe you can come up with an excuse of why it happened. and then you simply say “I will try not to let that happen again.”  But it seems like every time it turns into some kind of long philosophical conversation about the work environment.

I just wish I could say “Quit having these long drawn out conversations with him.”  He simply doesn’t get it.  They live about 30 minutes from work.  When he was asked why he couldn’t get to work on time he blamed it on his wife, because she had “womanly” things to do in the morning.  He was told “Anna lives an hour away and she gets here on time.”  His response “I know! That’s why she gets here on time!”  I mean this is what they are dealing with on a daily basis.  I can honestly say I have never in my entire life met anyone like him.  Plus he stinks and the hot weather isn’t helping.

Thank you for you attention.  I feel better now.

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