My iPhone Envy

Yes I have iPhone envy and I have had for a long time.  I know there are other “smart” phones out there.  But my fascination is with the iPhone.  I really don’t need a smart phone.  As long as I can make calls, send and receive texts, and check my Facebook and Twitter I think I’ll survive.  My Samsung Solstice serves it purpose very nicely.  Yet when someone pulls out there iPhone I get a little jealous.

Silly I know, but there it is.  Envy.  The Blackberry or the Droid just doesn’t do it for me.  I covet the iPhone.  I order food to go online and I see the app for that and I want it.  I would like to play Word with Friends.  I would like to play Angry Birds.  I would like to browse the app store.  But I tell myself, these aren’t neccesities.

Yet I tell myself I will get a smart phone on my next upgrade.  But then I start to second guess myself.  Maybe the iphone isn’t the best anymore.  Maybe there’s something out there better.  Do I really need a smart phone?  I’ll have to weigh my options and then decide.

I have an iPod that I love.  I use it all the time, especially at work.  I like the ability to make playlist for different days of the week or for different moods. I like shuffling randomly through my catalog throughout the day at times too.  I looked at other mp3 players before buying the iPod.  But I didn’t feel like anything compared to it, really.  I’ve never been disappointed in my choice.  So maybe that’s why I lean towards the iPhone.  It was the original and everything else seems like a copy.

Life use to be simple.  Your phone was connected to a box on your wall. If you weren’t home, the caller would have to leave a message or call back when you were home.  Now we are connected constantly to the world.  If you need someone you just pull out your cellphone and call them on their cellphone.  We can check our emails, social networking sites, get directions, just about anything we need can be done with our cell phone.  Don’t get me started on iPads and other tablet computers.

Sometimes I feel like a little old lady with my Samsung.  <sigh>

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