My 10 year old plan for my backyard…..when will I get it done???

We live on 50 acres in rural Jack County.  We have about half an acre that is fenced around the house. The front yard looks great when coming up the drive, especially right after it’s mowed.  We have a very tall flag pole with an American flag waving in the breeze that you see coming up the drive before you ever see the house.  In the back it is covered with tall oaks trees.  There is an area in the back with a small dry creek that flows with water when it rains.  Doug built a cute little bridge over it that leads to the gate in the very back corner of the yard. We have a pretty large bird feeder and several hummingbird feeders scattered through the yard.  There are chimes hanging from trees and a pretty good size bird bath.  We enjoy relaxing out back in a hammock or in our lounge chair.

Every winter when its freezing outside and there’s snow on the ground I fantasize about having a beautiful lush, floral backyard retreat.  I imagine what I’m going to plant in flower beds and in the planters hanging on the deck.  Tall elephant ears in front of the deck in the shade of the oaks trees.  Colorful flowers spilling out of the planters on the deck.  Ferns hanging at intervals from the deck.  Pots of color scattered through the yard. Japanese lanterns hanging from the trees.  I imagine a new coat of paint on the deck and every thing spiffy and clean.
Yet every year its seems like we have no spring and the next thing you know it’s hotter than Hades and we are in the middle of summer.  By this time it is way too hot and way too dry to do anything.  Especially for this nearly 50 year old fat lady.  I have an two adirondack chairs with matching foot rest that are painted gray.  Two years ago I bought bright lime green paint to paint them.  They are still gray.  My cat likes to lay in the planters that hang on the deck.  She likes to survey her kingdom from that vantage point.
 None of what I dream of for my back yard is expensive really.  I don’t need a pool, expensive outdoor furniture, or things. What I want I want is just time consuming and making the effort to get it done.  I guess maybe I’m just lazy.  But I’ve promised myself that I will start preparing for a beautiful backyard oasis this fall.

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