My Views on Weinergate

I think over the last several days we have all heard of Congressman Anthony Weiner’s troubles.  Just like other public figures who get into some kind of hot spot, this trouble was of his own making.  He didn’t kill anyone, he didn’t take money he shouldn’t take, he wasn’t trolling the chat rooms looking for underage boys or girls.  But he did lie when caught.  He could have said “No Comment”.  But like all the fallen before him at first he denied, denied, denied and then when he was finally corned and there was no way out he “took responsibility for his actions and regretted disappointing his family, constituents, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.”

In the age of the internet there are all kind of things going on between consenting adults that I don’t get and don’t really want to know about.  I’ve read some of the interviews that some of the women who were on the receiving end of these twitter, facebook, or however the images and messages were sent.  They seem to all be willingly involved.  To all of them including Anthony Weiner I say “You are dumb, dumb, dumb.”

Why someone wants to send a sexually explicit photograph of themselves via text, email, twitter, facebook or what have you I don’t understand.  Nothing sent this way is truly private.  If you send something this way, it is out there for potentially all the world to see.  If you put yourself in this situation, don’t be surprised when it comes back and bites you in the ass.

I don’t think Anthony Weiner broke any laws.  None that I can tell.  He was in my opinion immoral, unethical, and he is a big fat liar.  He also showed poor poor judgement.  Should he resign?  I don’t know, that’s his call.  But I do believe he was doing work that he believed in in his elected capacity.  He was maybe making a difference.  But because he showed no common sense in his private moments he is now in the hot seat, as he should be.

This is not a liberal or conservative problem.  It is a human failing.  In the past there have been plenty of scandals to go around for both sides.  A lot of times these are talented individuals who may have been able to do a lot for our country.  They fail us because of their inability to keep their mind on business and their penis in their pants.

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