Flip Flops, Pedicures and Capri Pants!

While getting my hair cut Friday I realized that everyone is now wearing their flip flops or sandals. We all know you must have a pedicure before venturing out in public with exposed toes. I know this because once when wearing flips flops and unadorned toes I was told by my niece Carla, “If you’re going to wear flip flops you really must paint your toenails.” I must say I’m so glad I have these young girls in my life. Otherwise I don’t know what kind of faux pas I might make.

I love flip flops, sandals, capri pants, and summer tops!!  I’m glad its summer time.  Yes its hot!  Very hot!  We hit 100 before June 1st out here. But it wasn’t too many weeks ago that there was snow on the ground and single digit temperatures.  So I say “WELCOME SUMMER”.

I don’t normally get pedicures in the winter.  Mainly because I think to myself “Why??”  My toes are wrapped in socks and closed up inside of my shoes.  So it seems like a waste of money to me.  But once I get the urge to put on some flip flops its straight to the nail salon I go.  There is something indulgent and decadent about getting a pedicure.  Aside from the normal maintenance steps who doesn’t like a massage from the knees down with a wonderful lotion with the aroma of your choice and then a warm towel wrapped around your calves??

Painting your own toenails is virtually impossible.  Its doable, but nothing looks like a professional pedicure.  Once Doug gave me a pedicure.  He was a little leery at first.  But he wanted to do it.  I think mainly because he was trying to stop me from spending money.  I got no massage, no warm towel, no lotion.  I had to clip my own nails, because that was just a little too much for him.  I have to say, he did a really good job with the polish.  He took that part on like some kind of project he had to paint out in his shop.  But he hasn’t offered again.

Pedicures lead to new sandals, flip flops, toe rings, and ankle bracelets.  Feet, they are a whole industry unto themselves.  I love letting my feet free, painting my toes, and putting a ring on them.  Sometimes I think I would like a small tattoo right on my ankle.  I mention it to Doug and he looks at me like I’m crazy.  Maybe I am just a little crazy.  I guess I’ll stick to the toe rings and leave the tattoos to the young girls.

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