What does your bumper sticker say?

I drive an hour to work each morning.  Most days I notice things about the cars and people around me.  This morning it was bumper stickers.  I’ve never put a bumper sticker on any vehicle I’ve owned.  Now of course you can put a magnetic bumper sticker.  That makes a little more sense to me.  You might be gung ho for a particular political candidate and then once they are elected and in office you might not want anyone to know you supported them.  But you’re stuck with that bumper sticker.

Bumper stickers seen just this morning “Yes I’m a bitch just like yours is!”, “God’s last name isn’t damn”, “Canoe Naked”, “I Love My Husband!”, “Cowgirl Up”, “Silly boy, Jeeps are for girls”, “Its easier to change a condom than a diaper.” Obviously Arnold wasn’t aware of the wisdom in the last one.

Now take the first bumper sticker “Yes I’m a bitch just like yours is”.  I see this car every morning, always driven by the same young lady.  I always wonder what made her put that sticker on her car?  Is there a multitude of men pulling up beside her and calling her bitch?  Its actually in her back window.  So she had to go to some effort to put it there.  Once she put it on did she back up proudly and admire her handy work? Maybe she thought “That’ll tell’em!”

I’ve seen a few vehicles that make it pretty obvious that the owner has some sort of bumper sticker addiction.  They may have 5, 10, or even more bumper stickers on their bumper and in their windows.  I guess its a way to show your individualism.  But I honestly don’t get it.  I can understand a bumper sticker showing your support for a political candidate or some kind of movement that you think is important.  I’ll admit the Jeep bumper sticker was cute.  It was driven by a young girl with a pony tail and the roof off.  It seemed to suit her.

I’ve stopped and looked at bumper stickers when I come across them.  I enjoy reading them.  I’ve even considered buying one.  But then I think about sticking it on my car and wonder do I really want this on my car forever?  So I normally place them back in the rack.

So that’s what I do some mornings.  I pull behind someone with a bumper sticker and I read it.  Sometimes I have to chase them down to read it.  Sometimes I have to read it twice to understand it.  Sometimes they’ve tried to remove it and bits and pieces of it are missing.  Then I have to pull up next to them, look at them, and wonder about what motivated them to put that bumper sticker on?  Sometimes they see me watching them at the red light.  I might be smiling at them because I agree with their bumper sticker or maybe it just gave me a chuckle.  I’m sure they think I’m some sort of goofball just staring at them.

Sometimes I would like to pull over and have a conversation with them.  I’m really just basically a very nosy person.  But mainly I’m wondering “What the hell were you thinking?!”


  1. >Reading your blog for today made me think about the first time I served on jury duty. The prosecution showed the jury a picture of the defendant's truck. Out of all the angles they could have chosen, they chose to take the picture from the back of the truck to the front. Of course this showed the bumper stickers on the back. One of the bumper stickers was: "They'll get my gun when they pry my cold dead fingers from the trigger". I found this interesting in light of the fact that it was an "armed" robbery. We did find him guilty.

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