I Prefer Au Naturel

I hate wearing makeup!  I really really really do.  I like the way I look with makeup, but I don’t dislike the way I look without it.  I think as women we just are expected to wear makeup.  I wish I had never started.  I rarely wear makeup on the weekends.  If we go into town I just go without it.  At first I felt weird, but I’ve gotten use to it.  I still wear it if I go to church.  I wouldn’t want people thinking I had some terrible disease or something.  But I can’t just stop.  I think people would faint dead away if I was to walk into work without makeup.  I know they would be concerned about my health.

I am a very white woman.  I mean white white.  When I buy makeup I always select the lightest warmest color.  I’ve been to every cosmetic counter you can think of.  Estee Lauder, Clinque, Lancome, Aveda, Sephora, and plenty of others.  They always put me in the lightest shades.  I’m just a very white girl.  I don’t tan, I burn.

I quit wearing lipstick a couple of weeks ago.  Why you might ask?  Because I’m lazy. I don’t like the lipstick I have and don’t feel like buying more.  After a couple of weeks, I’ve gotten use to not wearing lipstick.  Just lip balm for me thank you.  I use to work with a guy that would say “Look out!  Anna isn’t wearing lipstick, she’s in a bad mood.”  That still cracks me up.  One reason is I think at that time it was probably a little true.  But now its because I just don’t feel like it.

This morning as I was putting on my makeup I thought “What if I just started using less and less makeup until I wasn’t wearing any?”  I wonder if anyone would notice over an extended period of time?  I’ll go another couple of weeks with no lipstick and then quit wearing blush.  I’ll do that for awhile and then cut out the eyeliner, followed by the eyeshadow, and then the mascara.

I no longer wear a traditional foundation.  I just wear a tinted moisturizer and a little pressed powder.  I think I would need to continue that just for my own piece of mine.  I’m all for cleanser, serums, creams, and a multitude of other things for skincare.  I’ll take a wonderful indulgent facial any day of the week.  So as you can see I’m not against skin care.  I’m just really tired of the makeup.

I thought about adding a picture of me without makeup, but then thought “Why go crazy?”

I get compliments on my skin from other women.  But after all that’s when I have the makeup on.

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