What’s the scoop on E-book readers????

ebook1_1411360iI have always been an avid reader.  I love to read!  My house is filled with books I’ve read.  I hate to get rid of books, because I might want to read them again.  So they stack up everywhere.  It borders on hoarding really.  Its hard for me to let go of a good book.  There have been times I’ve cleaned out my books and then later went and bought a book I had already finished once and then got rid of.

I love wandering around in book stores and especially Half Priced Books.  I like all types of books.  Fiction, Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, short stories, biographies, and cookbooks.  It really doesn’t matter.  I’ll read just about any thing.  I did read the first book in the Twilight series in its entirety and enjoyed it.  But I could only get half way through the second book.  I’m glad that woman has made some money, but well written she isn’t.  The second book was so bad (in my opinion) that I have no desire to see any of the  movies.  I guess it suits the audience she is targeting.  If I want fantasy give me Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Anne Rice, or J.K. Rowling any day.

But my all time favorite novels are Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, The Stand, and Gone With the Wind.  Although after reading Gone With the Wind multiple times I now only read until Scartlett and Rhett get married.  They are happy at that point and the rest of the book is just too sad for me.  That’s the way books are for me.  I get pulled into them and swept away.  Once finished I will wonder for days what else happened to the characters in the book.

So when I started hearing about E-book readers, I was curious.  Just another newfangled tech toy that I don’t need.  But now I really really really want one.  Its my understanding that most books are around $5.95 and lots are free.  It would be nice to have all the books I want in a small thing I could carry with me. I could pull it out at the doctors office, at lunch, whenever I have spare time.  On the weekends I could lay in my lounge chair outside and read my “book”.

Doug told me he would buy me one for Christmas.  Its only April, I don’t know if I can wait that long.  In the mean time I wonder which one is the best?  There are so many to choose from.  I’m torn between a Kindle and The Nook.  I’m leaning toward the Kindle only because I think it came first.  Kind of like the Ipod.  There were and are other mp3 players, but the Ipod is sort of the leader of the group.

But I have questions. Color or black and white?  Light or no light? Wifi or no Wifi?  Can you read them in the sun?  If you’ve bought one I would like to know what you think.  To Nook or not to Nook, that is my question.

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