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While I have no tattoos and only my ears are pierced, I’m not offended or uncomfortable around people that do have them.  You can have bars in your eyebrows, studs in your chin, a ring in your nose, a hundred things hanging from your ears, tattoos running completely down your arms and legs and I really don’t care.  I even saw a guy in the store once with small metal horn like things coming out of his head.  It didn’t bother me, but it did fascinate me.  I would have like to find out the why of it.  But since it wasn’t any of my business I left it alone.

I know in a lot of businesses, they frown upon hiring anyone like this.  In some cases I can understand it, mainly if your clientele is an older crowd.  Once while a kid was drying my car off at the car wash, I noticed that he had black electrical tape covering the dozens of loop earrings hanging from his ears.  I asked him “Do they make you wear that black tape over your piercings?”  “Yes” he said.  “That’s silly.” I said.  “I wish you would tell them that.” he said.  Maybe I should have.

Last I noticed the teller at the bank had a band aid covering a star tattoo on her forearm.  She was clean, she knew what she was doing.  But I guess if the corporate office tells you to cover it, you cover it to keep your job.  But I don’t think I would have even noticed the tattoo if it wasn’t for the band aid covering it.

While checking out at a Walmart once, I thought the male cashier had quarter size mirrored disks in his ears.  Then I realized that it was actually a hole slightly smaller that a quarter and I could actually see through his ear.  I have no idea what the purpose of this is.  Again it doesn’t bother me, but it does fascinate me.  I’ve noticed more and more guys doing this.  I guess its just another way to adorned yourself and make yourself a little different.  Maybe not really different, but to fit in.

This morning a guy came in the store with bars in his eyebrows, lips, nose, ears pierced multiple times, both arms tattooed completely up.  But what caught my attention was the two inch holes in his ear lobes.  Again I was mesmerized by them.  But part of me wanted to ask him what lost Amazon tribe he belonged to.

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  1. >When I worked in a department store next to the sporting goods, an old man came in and was looking around. A teenager came in with lots of rings and piercings in his head. The old man took one look at him and said "Your Tackle Box blow up?"

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