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There isn’t a person I know who takes a good drivers license picture.  I mean we expect it to be awful.  Several years ago I had a new license made and when I got it in the mail I thought “Why did they put my mother’s picture on my drivers license?”  Now that wasn’t really a bad picture, just not what I expected.

In December I had to get my license renewed.  I tried renewing it online, but I couldn’t.  I find out if you have your license renewed online one time then the next time you have to go in.  So I went in.  It really is a stupid set up.  You stand in one line so they can make sure you brought the correct documentation and then they tell you what other line you need to go stand in.

I guess they’ve changed things since the last time I was in because when they took the picture they asked me to remove my glasses.  At that point I knew I was not going to be happy with that picture.  But the reality of it was even worse. I think those people at the renewal place find pleasure in taking bad pictures.  I swear the lady was snickering when she handed me the temporary copy which now has my new picture on it.

I didn’t give it a really good look until I got in my car.  Then when I looked at it I howled.  I’ve never seen anything so funny in my entire life.  I couldn’t help but share it with my co-workers when I got to work.  That’s the way we are at my place of employment.  We’ll make fun of each other and are more than happy to make fun of ourselves too.  One person told me “Maybe it will look better in color.”  I could only hope.

Several weeks later after I had forgotten about the picture, my license arrived in the mail.  Another round of laughter and showing it off.  Now I don’t drink and drive, but I imagine this is what my mug shot would look like if I was ever picked up for this.

And to think that this picture was taking early in the morning when I was still fresh.  I see a double chin, (which I think is gone now).  I look tired and I probably was tired.  If someone told me how horrible their drivers license picture was, I think all I would have to do is pull this picture out and they would feel a million times better.  My new license expires in 2016, I don’t think I’ll be renewing online.  I think I’ll go in for a new picture!

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