My Friendship with Estee Lauder

estee_lauder_3_105522I’ve been a fan of Estee Lauder for a very long time.  I would go with my Mom and stand with her at the cosmetic counter.  It always fascinated me.  Bottles of lotions, pretty makeup, sweet smelling perfume.  Then when I was old enough (about 18) to start my own journey on the skin care path, my weapon of choice was Estee Lauder.

If there was a free gift, I was there.  If there was a free sitting with a renowned makeup artist, I was there.  I was there with my credit card.  I couldn’t begin to tell you how much money I’ve spent on creams and cosmetics over my life time.  But people do tell me that I have nice skin.  A lady at church has told me more than once “Your skin is beautiful!”  Of course she is elderly and her eyesight might not be what it once was.

Once while walking through a department store one time, Estee Lauder had some kind of machine that you looked in and it would show you the sun damage to the skin around your eyes.  “Dear Lord!” I said “Give me some eye cream stat and I need the best!”  Then came the night serum. I dearly dearly love the night serum with its little dropper.  Its expensive I said, but it only takes a few drops.  I was a sucker for whatever the latest gimmick was.  To be honest, I think I probably still am.

Then one day I discovered a book.  “Don’t Go to the Cosmetic Counter Without Me” by by Paula Begoun.  In it I learned that a lot of things I was buying simply didn’t work and never would.  Then she told me that there were some things I could by in the drugstore that were the same or better than Estee Lauder.  She compares all major high end brands and lower end brands.

I was saved.  I could give my credit card a rest and let the smoke clear.  I gave up Estee Lauder completely about 10 years ago.

About 3 years ago I needed a new hair dresser.  I walked into Moda Salon on Camp Bowie and found the perfect person for me.  On my way out that first day, I saw that they had rows and shelves of all kinds of Aveda products.  Hair care, skin care, and make up.  Again I was drawn in.

The products were a little pricey.  But you only need to use a little and it last so long.  I started off with hair care.  Before I knew it I was using their skin care and makeup exclusively.  I like Aveda products.  They recently took the parabens out of their products.  Parabens are a preservative used in cosmetics, skin care and hair care.  Over time it is assorbed in your body and has been know to cause cancer. They promote recycling, clean water. You can bring you bottle caps in and they will recycle them.  I get points for the products that I buy and can get free gifts.  They even have a serum in a bottle with a little dropper.

Then I discovered that Aveda is owned by Estee Lauder.  I was a little disappointed,  But then I realized that I was just meant to be with Estee and have decided not to fight it any longer.  But I do think I will get Paula’s newest edition of her book and see what she thinks of Aveda.

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