Why?? You ask!!

I drive an hour every morning and every evening Monday thru Friday.  During these two trips all kinds of things pass through my mind.  Funny things, crazy things, serious things, sad things, and happy things.  I’ve even planned funerals during these trips.  When posting random thoughts on Facebook, I’ve had people tell me “You should do a blog!”  A blog I wondered?  What is a blog and why would anyone want to read what I’m thinking or what my opinions are.

Well after finding old friends, family members, and even making new friends on Facebook, I’ve discovered that the world is really a very small place.  I’m interested in what is going on in the lives of people I know and even those I’ve never met.  I find it interesting.  It makes me feel connected.  Did someone see a beautiful sunrise, trees leafing out, flowers popping up out of the ground and post a picture.  It nice to know that other people find simple pleasure in the same things that I do.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve become very opinionated.  I love a good political or religious conversation.  I hesitate to post my opinions on Facebook because it seems to open up a can of worms.  Maybe on here I can vent my feelings and frustrations.  You can come here and see what I’m saying about those things or not.

But I wonder “Do I have the skills I need to write a blog?”  Well I did take that creative writing course the summer between the fifth grade and the sixth at Atwood McDonald Elementary.  So I’m good to go.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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5 thoughts on “Why?? You ask!!

  1. >A blog! I think this is a great idea.


  2. >Heh..You had creative writing at Atwood.. they made me take gymnastics..Good job!


  3. >I'm in. I love your stuff!!


  4. >I often have long drives during my working hours. I think about many things. Also, I notice things too. I did see blue bonnets along 287 in Texas close to Bowie, Texas. I miss the blue bonnets. Often, I think about my mom and dad and how much I miss them. I wish that I could turn down a road and mom would be waving and she would have her beautiful smile. I really like your blog.


  5. >I will read it. Just not while I'm driving to Dallas and back every day.


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